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Think Twice Before Blaming Federation

In his recent piece for The Jewish Week, JFN President Andrés Spokoiny explains his thoughts on why we shouldn't jump to blame UJA-Federation of New York for the recent series of agency problems in the New York Jewish community.

Making Ideas Catch On

A conversation with communications expert Jonah Berger on how to build support for ideas and gain momentum on social change.

JFN Stands with France after Recent Attacks

The JFN family is shocked and saddened by the tragic events that took place last week in France.

While tensions have been high in Europe and around the world, they reached new heights after these acts of barbarism made all freedom-loving people shudder with horror.


Is Grantmaking Getting Smarter?

A new report says grantmakers are doing a good job creating resilience among nonprofits, but still fall short when it comes to backing collaboration among grantees.

Avoiding Avoidance: Managing Conflict in Family Philanthropy

Avoiding conflicts might keep the status quo for the moment, but it ultimately stifles the growth of both the individual and family relationships; the stakes are even higher for families who work together in a foundation setting.

Keeping the World's Food Supply Secure

For millions of people, the food they eat could kill them. But they may not have a choice. Daniel Chamovitz  has made it his mission to change that.

How Funders Can Help Nonprofits Achieve Scale

Nonprofits don’t have discrete ambitions. They want to quickly grow their seed money so they can expand programs that have both a measurable and meaningful impact. It’s one way philanthropists define “scale.”

But it is often a lot easier said than done.

Why Site Visits Matter

The following post is written by Beth Zwick , Senior Program Officer of the Ruderman Family Foundation, and originally appeared on the Council on Foundations website.

How Design Thinking Helps Engage Jewish Teens and Nonprofits

At the JFN International Conference in March, there was a seminar that exposed funders to the world of design thinking. Now we're starting to see how the core concepts from this exciting field are seeping into the world of Jewish philanthropy.