October 6, 2022

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Sponsorship: JFN 2023 International Conference / Sukkot Message from Andrés Spokoiny / JFN in the Headlines / JJ Greenberg & Ilia Salita ERA Nominations

Jewish Creatives as Communal Leaders

Grantmaking Professionals Convening

How to Make Day School Affordable / Impact Investing Roundtable / Disability Law in Israel / Youth Philanthropy Facilitator Training / Mission to Ethiopia & Israel



Sponsor the JFN International Conference

JFN’s annual international conference brings together the world’s most influential Jewish philanthropists for unparalleled learning, networking, and idea-sharing. Our 2023 conference promises to be one of our most impactful ever, and your sponsorship makes it possible for us to provide the kind of high-quality programs and speakers JFN is known for. Sponsorship is also an opportunity for your organization to reach our vibrant community of individuals with the resources, know-how, and social capital to make a difference.

This year, we’ve updated our sponsor benefits and opportunities, adding a variety of new options to help you get the most out of sponsorship. Explore the possibilities in this brochure.

Building Permanence Among the Temporary (Sukkot 5783)

What's the connection between "The Second Sleep," a dystopian novel featuring crumbling skyscrapers, and the temporary huts of Sukkot? Find out in a holiday message from JFN President and CEO Andrés Spokoiny.

Writing in eJewish Philanthropy, JFN Executive Vice President Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu explains that, as a founding member of the Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition, JFN is taking steps to green our upcoming conference, but "as a network serving more than 2,500 funders around the world — a group we estimate collectively gives away $6 billion annually — the most important thing we can do is help those of our members who want to channel more of their resources into climate change prevention and mitigation." She outlines how JFN's Green Funders Forum is empowering Jewish funders interested in expanding their climate-related work, including by offering free consulting. Read Rebecca's op-ed and learn about JFN's environmental consulting.

Honeycomb's LAunchpad: The Los Angeles Synagogue Incubator for Youth Philanthropy was the lead story in eJewish Philanthropy on Tuesday. As the article explains, the program will assemble cohorts of teens at three synagogues "who will first learn about philanthropy using a curriculum developed by Honeycomb" and involves in-person training and ongoing support from Honeycomb Senior Program Director Danielle Segal. "The process of the philanthropy program is not just about allocating money, but it’s really about learning the core steps of what it means to be Jewish today," Honeycomb Executive Director Wayne Green says. "What do our Jewish values say about giving? What does it mean when we give? How is that a representation of who we are as Jews in the world and who we are as citizens to make change?” A JFN program, Honeycomb is the leading resource for Jewish youth philanthropy.

Award Nominations Due NEXT MONTH

Nominations are open for two important awards given by JFN. The deadline for submitting nominations and completed applications for both these awards is Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at 5 p.m. ET. Winners of both awards will be announced at the JFN 2023 International Conference, which takes place March 19-21 in Phoenix, Arizona.

>> Learn more and nominate a research project for the Ilia Salita Excellence in Research Award (ERA)

>> Learn more and nominate a foundation professional for the JJ Greenberg Memorial Award


Unless otherwise indicated, events listed are limited to JFN members and those eligible for JFN membership. Eligible non-members must request permission and can attend a limited number of member events.

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Jewish Artists as Communal Leaders: The Case for Investing in This Untapped Resource

Online: Thursday, October 13, 2–3:15 p.m. ET
(11 a.m.–12:15 p.m. PT, 21:00–22:15 IL)

Learn about initiatives underway to support the development of artists and creatives as leaders not just in the Jewish arts and culture field, but also in the Jewish community and beyond. Speakers include Eva Heinstein of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation, Rabbi Adina Allen of Jewish Studio Project, Rabbi Kendell Pinkney of The Workshop, and Rabbi Matt Green of New Jewish Culture Fellowship. This is a session of CANVAS's Matters of the Art, a funder group dedicated to exploring trends, opportunities, and gaps in the field of Jewish arts and culture.

Grantmaking Professionals Monthly Online Convening

Online: Wednesday, October 19, 12–1:30 p.m. ET
(9–10:30 a.m. PT, 19–20:30 IL)

Join us for a monthly virtual convening for grantmaking professionals where we will come together for shared learning and community-building. Facilitated by Mike Berkowitz and Jaré Akchin of Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies and Tamar Frydman of JFN.

How to Make Day School Affordable for All

Online: Monday, October 24, 12–1 p.m. ET
(9–10 a.m. PT, 19–20:00 IL)

Explore new day school tuition models and structures that are being created to accommodate a wider range of family incomes, and what role funders can play in making these work. This program, moderated by Paul Bernstein of Prizmah, will focus on two specific models, one being used by schools in Atlanta and the other by a school in Los Angeles. Speakers include Amanda Abrams of Zalik Foundation in Atlanta, and Dr. Steven Lorch and Shawn Evanheim of Kadima Day School in Los Angeles.

Impact Investing Roundtable

Online: Tuesday, October 25, 12–1:30 p.m. ET
(9–10:30 a.m. PT, 19–21:30 IL)

Join JFN’s growing community of impact investors for a lively and action-oriented monthly roundtable, each featuring JFN members for shared learning and shared action. Each session is moderated by JFN Board Member Vanessa Bartram. Speakers this month include Dr. Inbal Zafir-Lavie of GinaLife and JFN member Sari Miller.

Read JFN's Guide to Jewish Impact Investing

New Law, New Opportunity: Ensuring Israelis with Disabilities Can Obtain and Retain Employment

Online: Wednesday, October 26, 12–1 p.m. ET
(9–10 a.m. PT, 19–20:00 IL)

The Knesset recently passed the groundbreaking "Social Services Law for People with Disabilities," which aims to improve the lives of people with disabilities in a variety of ways. Among its many other benefits, the new law will open the door for increased employment and job training opportunities for people with disabilities and will create new opportunities for funders to engage in this field in innovative ways. Speakers include Ayala Davidowitz of the Joint Distribution Committee, Orly Fruchter of the Azrieli Foundation, Reuben D. Rotman of the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies, Erin Riehle of Project Search, and JFN member Jennifer Mizrahi of the Mizrahi Family Charitable Fund.

Honeycomb Facilitator Training

New York: November 9-10

Attendees will walk away with curriculum, tools, and skills that will enable them to enhance existing Jewish youth philanthropy programs, start one in their own community or seamlessly use philanthropy in their general teen programming. Designed for youth educators, lay leaders, and Jewish organizational professionals interested in building the next generation of changemakers.

A JFN program, Honeycomb is the leading resource for Jewish youth philanthropy. Read about Honeycomb's LAunchpad initiative in eJewish Philanthropy.

Open to all!

Mission to Ethiopia & Israel November 14-17

The Jewish Agency for Israel, the Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation, and JFN invite funders to a unique and historic mission.

The story of Ethiopian Jewry has three significant elements – a rich history in Ethiopia, the waves of Aliyah which began in significant numbers in the mid-1980s with Operation Moses, and finally, settlement in Israel. This mission will help us understand how these elements weave together.

This trip is open exclusively to funders to explore our unique role in addressing the challenge of Ethiopian Aliyah and integration into Israel. We will consider what unique opportunities exist for funders in this challenging realm.

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