Recent JFN Reports

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we are no longer printing our reports. Download JFN's recent guides to participatory grantmaking and impact investing below. On this page, you can also find "Grantees and Their Funders," the 2020 report that inspired GrantED, JFN's joint project with UpStart on strengthing grantmaker-grantseeker relationships in the Jewish community. 

Find more JFN Guides to Intelligent Giving (previously called Greenbooks) here.

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Participatory Grantmaking in the Jewish Community and Beyond (March 2022)


A new, inclusive approach to grantmaking, participatory grantmaking (PGM) is increasingly popular in the mainstream philanthropic world, yet little known in the Jewish community. Our new guide, "Participatory Grantmaking in the Jewish Community and Beyond," explains the philosophy and mechanics of this practice, in which the individuals affected by funding decisions are engaged in decision-making about allocations. This guide explores PGM's relevance for all grantmakers, with a particular focus on looking at how it might play a role in Jewish philanthropy. It also offers resources for those considering incorporating elements of PGM into their work. Funded by Crown Family Philanthropies and authored by Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies, this indispensable new guide was published in March 2022.

Learn more about participatory grantmaking and the guidebook (part of JFN's new "Guides for Intelligent Giving" series)  by watching this video from a recent webinar.



A Guide to Jewish Impact Investing (June 2021)

Authored by JFN member and impact investor Michael Lustig, this is the first-ever guide to Jewish impact investing, investment in ventures that aim to be financially profitable while also achieving specific social or environmental goals.

This guide provides a brief overview of impact investing concepts and defines and characterizes what makes Jewish impact investing unique. The guide also features illustrative case studies and a list of various Jewish impact investing resources and specific investment options.






Grantees and Their Funders (March 2020)

Based on interviews with 140 senior professionals at North American Jewish not-for-profits, ‚ÄúGrantees and Their Funders‚ÄĚ provides a rare opportunity to hear honest feedback from those who might otherwise be reluctant to speak openly.

While these professionals reported largely positive experiences with funders, they also shared feedback that we believe is important to address to ensure that Jewish resources are used as efficiently as possible and that the Jewish nonprofit sector is adequately supported in its important work serving the Jewish community. 

This report inspired the launch of GrantED, a joint project of JFN and UpStart to strengthen relationships between grantmakers and grantseekers in the Jewish community.