3 Weeks Until New Overtime Rules Kick In


Back in August we posted about new changes to overtime rules in the Fair Labor Standards Act. The new rules will affect many nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, among many others. As you may recall, these new rules come into effect on December 1, 2016.

That's just three weeks away, so we thought we thought we'd post again as a friendly reminder to make sure your philanthropic organizations (and perhaps your grantees as well) are ready to implement the new rules.

The most important number to remember is $913 per week.

$913 per week (or $47,476 per year) is the new minimum that salaried employees must be paid in order to be exempt from the requirement of paying them overtime for hours worked beyond 40 hours per week.


That handy image is from this great overview from the HR firm ADP. Read the whole thing for more details about highly compensated employees, practical steps for how to comply, and more. You can also read the full details here from the Department of Labor here.