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JFN Israel Members Gather for the Mekudeshet Festival

On Thursday evening, September 22, JFN Israel members met at the Yudale tapas bar (with Chef Assaf Granit) in Jerusalem. [More...]
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LeShana Haba’a BeShanghai

We don’t have to bore you with figures to show how central Asia has become to the world’s economic and political power; it’s already a truism. But the Jewish world is curiously slow in reacting to this consensus. [More...]
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Leaders or Laggards: The Role of Jewish Institutions in the Impact Investing Movement

In the growing Impact Investing movement, will Jewish institutions be leaders or laggards? [More...]
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Gratitude & Humility in Philanthropy: From a Story, to a Value, to Action

Douglas Bitonti Stewart and Julie Fisher Cummings of the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation (JFN members) write about gratitude and humility in philanthropy. [More...]