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JFN conferences are for the community of Jewish funders. Participation is open to donors, foundation professionals, and some staff of other organizations eligible for membership in JFN. Membership in JFN is not required to attend.

Please review the criteria below to confirm the eligibility of everyone you wish to register before requesting a registration access code.

Questions on eligibility and membership? Contact Shannon Alexander, at (212) 726-0177 x222 / [email protected]


Eligibility Criteria


We welcome to our events:

  • Independent donors, trustees of private foundations, and full-time grantmaking professionals whose annual philanthropic allocation is US $25,000 or more.


  • Donors under 40 years of age who give $7,500–$24,999 per year.


  • Fund-holders of donor-advised funds not yet granting $25,000 if the fund contains at least US $500,000.


  • Board members, the president/executive director, and the grantmaking staff from public charities (e.g. Federations, Jewish Community Foundations) whose primary purpose is allocating or granting funds to multiple grantee organizations.
    • Unless otherwise authorized, a public charity may send a maximum of three staff representatives.
    • Board members of public charities must be eligible as funders per the above criteria (allocating at least $25,000 philanthropically per year).
    • Staff members—other than the CEO—who have development or partnerships responsibility as any part of their work are not eligible.


  • Philanthropic consultants, or the part-time grantmaking staff of a donor, must be approved by JFN’s membership staff to participate.
    • Philanthropic consultants/advisers may attend only on behalf of a member funder. JFN membership staff may require a letter from the funder authorizing the consultant’s participation.
    • Consultants whose principal work for their clients focuses on fundraising or finding partners for a donor’s nonprofit organization or other business ventures are not eligible to attend.


  • Individuals who make the requisite philanthropic allocation, or who are trustees of eligible organizations, but who also work as the paid staff of a nonprofit organization, must be authorized by JFN on a case-by-case basis.


  • People who do not fit any criteria above may be approved to register on a case-by-case basis, if their work supports the overall community of Jewish donors and Jewish philanthropy.

Please see our complete membership guidelines for more information.