About JFN Israel

JFN Israel was established in 2008 with the goal of allowing Israeli philanthropists, who are becoming more and more involved in JFN activities, to exchange ideas regarding their activities and expand their giving circles in Israel and overseas. In addition, JFN Israel counsels overseas philanthropists interested in making a difference within Israeli society and/or expanding their influence in Israel. Today JFN has more than 140 members in Israel. JFN's annual conference takes place in Israel every three years.


Our Uniqueness
JFN Israel is an accessible, intimate and inspiring meeting place for philanthropists interested in initiating and taking part in active and effective philanthropy development. We help each and every one of our members acquire tailor-made tools geared towards creating true social change in Israel. This happens through effective networking, group-thinking regarding a particular topic of interest, participation in conferences and programs, philanthropic collaboration and joint social ventures. Every activity we initiate carries our vision for social change, realized through connections between people, ideas and initiatives, while creating added value for each and every member, according to his or her needs and philanthropic agenda, in the process.   

Our Power
The power of JFN Israel lies in its members -- philanthropists with a wide range of opinions and positions, who come together in creative thinking sessions, groundbreaking programs, and formative collaborations that take the world of philanthropy many steps forward and outline a fruitful and creative future of giving. The members of JFN Israel feel deep concern for Israeli society, keep abreast of the changes that are taking place in the world of philanthropy, share information with each other and initiate effective and up-to-date processes that bring about real change in Israeli society.

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