Israel-Based Philanthropy

Since Israel's birth, committed funders and effective philanthropy have helped shape Israeli society. JFN Israel is home to Israel-based philanthropists with a wide range of interests and opinions, who come together for creative thinking groups, groundbreaking programs and inspired collaborations, to advance the field of Israel-based philanthropy.

JFN’s Israel-based members are deeply committed to strengthening Israeli society’s “third sector,” using cutting-edge techniques from the world of philanthropy. Backed by their world-leading entrepreneurship, our committed Israeli funders share information, foster collaboration, and work to improve Israeli society.

The Matching Grants Program

JFN matching grant initiatives are created by philanthropic foundations working within specific social areas, who are interested in expanding their donor database and thereby enlarging the philanthropic influence within designated fields.

JFN matching grant initiatives in Israel have included:

  • Environmental Matching Grants: a joint venture between JFN and the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, in benefit of Israeli environmental organizations working to secure the future of a sustainable and healthy environment in Israel. The initiative brought together 24 new funders, who invested, along with the matching grants, approximately $1.55 million in 13 Amutot working in the environmental field.    
  • Pseifas: Pseifas is a matching grant program that focuses on Jewish renewal in Israel, and is an initiative of The AVI CHAI Foundation with the cooperation of Tmura Fund and JFN. In 2010, Pseifas succeeded in recruiting 55 new funders, who invested, along with the matching grants, approximately $2,42 million to benefit 35 amutot promoting Jewish renewal in Israel. Today, within the Pseifas 2 framework, AVI CHAI and the UJA Federation of New York, together with Tmura Fund and JFN, are offering donors an opportunity to actively influence Jewish renewal in Israel. Similar to the original Pseifas, Pseifas 2 proved to be a great success: so far, the program has attracted 41 funders, who actively gave to 29 amutot promoting Jewish renewal in Israel.

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