Abrahamic Judaism: From a Funder's Perspective

Sh'ma Yis'ra'eil Adonai Eloheinu Adonai echad.

Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.

The Judaism of Abraham is said to have but one creed—the Shema.  Abraham lived in a time when people worshipped the physical. But Abraham looked into the stars and noticed that every night they moved in the same path. He was conscious that there was a single Divine Force that connected not only the stars but ALL of Creation.

Through this consciousness of our connection and oneness with the Divine, we are comforted by knowing that we can never be ALONE because we are ALL connected through the Divine. Abraham lived in an open tent, welcoming ALL to bring them healing and inner peace through this consciousness.

As a Jewish funder, our single mission is to bring consciousness--to this world--of this core creed of Abrahamic Judaism. In many ways, I am very selfish because through this consciousness I have found an inner peace.

The term Abrahamic Judaism may not be familiar to you, but what it represents is as old as our people. It is the original Judaism. Before Abraham, Judaism did not exist. Those who lived during his time worshipped idols. Abraham enabled a consciousness of connection and oneness through the Divine.

We live in a world, as did Abraham, where the material is placed above the spiritual, where the separate is valued over the connected. Three years ago, we started a Facebook page called Spiritual Judaism-One People World United to bring the consciousness of Abraham through Abrahamic Judaism to the people of the world.

We now have more than 2.5 million people connected to the healing message of Abrahamic Judaism, with 20,000 more people joining us every week. It resonates because it stands apart from other interpretations of Judaism, which are based more on rules or values. At our core, we ALL want to know that we are connected with each other and Creation through the Divine for all of eternity. That is why the Judaism of Abraham resonates with all of us.

The Saul Schottenstein Foundation B, which I chair, has probably brought the message of Abrahamic Judaism to more people around the world than any single entity. We have been asked to start Abrahamic Judaism centers, where people can connect throughout the world including Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, and India, among others. Just this week we were asked if we had a place in Fiji.

Our primary mission is to spread the healing message of Abraham to ALL of our connectedness and help bring people an inner peace through this consciousness.

As a Jewish funder, I believe if the central message/consciousness of Judaism is clearly articulated and conveyed, our beautiful religion will thrive, and the message/consciousness contained in the Shema will spread.

After all, it is written in Isaiah, “For as a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Divine Force that flows through all of Creation connects all nations and brings us salvation.”