Abuse and Protection of Children with Disabilities in Israel and Around the World

Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 10:30am – 11:30am EST

Join Eric Rosenthal, founder and Executive Director of Disability Rights International and Dr. Hanita Zimrin, Founder and Executive Director of ELI: Israel Association of Child Protection for a presentation about abuse and protection of children with disabilities in Israel and around the world.

Dr. Hanita Zimrin will shed light on the issues of abused children with disabilities. Why they are abused more than others and the difficulties in identifying, reporting and proving it. How the issue is being dealt with in Israel and what are some unique elements of intervention in cases of abuse of children with disabilities.

Eric Rosenthal will discuss lessons from international experience in preventing abuse and protecting the rights of children with disabilities.  The discussion will include a review of common pitfalls and practical suggestions for the use of legal oversight and enforcement mechanisms, independent advocacy and self-advocacy, and the role of health-care and social service system improvements to reduce and combat abuse.

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