Advisory Services in Israel

JFN Israel helps overseas funders plan their giving journey in Israel. With astute guidance and national connections, we make it easy to be an informed funder and make a difference in Israel’s nonprofit landscape. Our staff on the ground can help you plan a focused and effective giving strategy in Israel.


JFN Israel can help you…

  • Get started learning
    Exploring new ideas and don't know where to start? Need an answer in a pinch? With Quick Connect, we’re always available to answer your questions about how to get started giving in Israel. Email JFN Israel’s office, at, and get your answers right away.
  • Build relationships with funders in Israel
    JFN’s global network connects members to funders who live, work and give in Israel. Make connections and deepen your on-the-ground knowledge through dialogue and informal exchanges with Israeli funders who share your interests.
  • Connect with Israeli leaders
    We can connect you with field experts, industry leaders, and government officials in whatever areas interest you. Leverage our relationships with Israeli leaders to build your own network, plan strategically, and make more informed funding decisions.

Need more in-depth or long-term support?

Our philanthropy experts in Israel provide custom solutions to help you build towards a big impact.


  • Mapping
    We map your potential new fields of interest in Israel, including a brief overview, existing opportunities, other funders in the field, and opportunities for effective giving.
  • Workshops
    We provide custom workshops designed to give you the information you need to make informed giving decisions in Israel. Topics include an overview of Israeli philanthropy, funding trends, investment channels, rules and regulations, and more.
  • Study Tours
    We organize topic-specific learning experiences, which include meetings with Israeli funders, field experts and public sector officials so you can select which directions you wish to further explore.
  • Analysis
    We’ll create an in-depth analysis of your current giving program in Israel and its relative impact, and help you plan future funding decisions.
  • Strategic thinking and planning
    We connect learning journey to action, and help you navigate the challenges of the cultural divide, focus  your new strategies, and maximize the impact of your giving.

Two hours of consultation are extended to all JFN members as part of your membership benefits.

Additional consultation is available at competitive rates. All fees may be payable in the U.S.

For more information contact the JFN Israel office at