As Camps Prepare for 2016 Season, New Greenbook Gives Jewish Funders the Big Picture on Jewish Camp

Latest volume of Jewish Funders Network’s “Greenbook” series will help funders collaborate and understand best practices, across diverse regions and types of camp


NEW YORK—Almost 80,000 campers and more than 11,000 staff members will head to Jewish overnight camp in North America this summer, and for funders who support Jewish camping, or may wish to do so, understanding such a large field can be daunting. That’s why Jewish Funders Network has released a new Greenbook providing everything grantmakers need to know about funding Jewish overnight camp.

Greenbook, Volume 4: Funding Jewish Overnight Camp offers a survey of past, present, and possible initiatives to extend the reach and effectiveness of Jewish overnight camps, and a menu of opportunities to leverage investments in the field of Jewish overnight camps. Topics covered include growing camps’ capacity; organizational sustainability; capital funding; affordability; leadership development; enhancing Jewish impact; and more.

“The Greenbook is beautifully written and a comprehensive education about everything-you-wanted to know about Jewish camp,” says Elisa Spungen-Bildner, co-founder and co-chair of the Foundation for Jewish Camp. “It should be required reading for any philanthropists who want to leverage camping—from the North American/national to the regional/local levels—to make a lasting positive impact on the Jewish future.”

Lauren Merkin, a Trustee of the AVI CHAI Foundation, comments: “This Greenbook, combined with other resources such as the work of FJC and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, will move the entire field of Jewish camping forward by empowering grantmakers to understand the possibilities available to them in pursuing their own mission."

Greenbooks are topical, user-friendly research reports for funders, published by JFN. In the financial investment community, research reports known as Blackbooks are extremely well-regarded for their insight, objectivity, and quality. JFN Greenbooks bring the same rigorous standards to the world of philanthropy. Each Greenbook volume highlights a challenge facing the Jewish community, maps out the background and current status, and details a wide range of funding approaches to solving the problem. More information is available at

Greenbook, Volume 4: Funding Jewish Overnight Camp was researched and written by Ramie Arian, a consultant who works with Jewish camps and youth movements. Sender Cohen, Director of Research at Soros Fund Management, sponsored the new Greenbook and dedicated it in memory of his father, Getzel Cohen z”l, who cherished his own camp experience which proved formative for his Jewish identity.

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