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Recent JFN Reports

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we are no longer printing our reports. Download JFN's recent guides to participatory grantmaking and impact investing below. On this page, you can also find "Grantees and Their Funders," the 2020 report that inspired GrantED, JFN's joint project with UpStart on strengthing grantmaker-grantseeker relationships in the Jewish community. 

Find more JFN Guides to Intelligent Giving (previously called Greenbooks) here.

Find additional reports and resources here.


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Going to JFN 2022? The Most Important Things to Know

We’re looking forward to seeing you in just a few days at the JFN 2022 International Conference in Palm Beach!

Below are the most important things to know:

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Fortifying Our Democracies

An analysis by Yohanan Plesner, president of the nonpartisan Israel Democracy Institute.

The attack by a near-dictatorship on the fledgling democracy in Ukraine has sent chills up the collective spines of all citizens of the free world. Freedom is under assault once again. At the same time, it bears mentioning that the backsliding of Russia from emerging democracy in the mid-1990s to personalist autocracy today is what has made this aggression possible, and perhaps inevitable, in the first place. In other words, the war in Ukraine is a stark reminder both of the vulnerability of democracy and the close link between authoritarianism and war.

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Going to JFN 2022? Here's What You Need to Know!

If you're one of the more than 450 people who have registered for the JFN 2022 International Conference, we're looking forward to seeing you in just a week and a half! 

Below is some information to help you prepare. More details are available on the General Information and FAQ pages of the conference website. Please note, if you have registered, you should also have received an email, via the conference site (from [email protected]), with this information, along with a sign-in link to the site, should you need it. If you did not receive that email or are having any trouble logging into the site, please email [email protected] for assistance.

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The Problem with Kings (Purim 5782)

The synagogue of “El Tránsito” in Toledo, Spain is among the oldest and most beautiful in the world, with a sanctuary displaying magnificent Moorish decorations and gorgeous Hebrew inscriptions. Among the verses and invocations, three words are the largest and more ornamented: “HaMelekh Don Pedro” (The King Don Pedro).

Toledo’s Jews were not alone in their obsequiousness to the reigning monarch. Until modern times, being “close to the king” was considered a good strategy for Jews. He granted them privileges and protected them. In most cases, Jews had nowhere else to turn. Gentiles were enmeshed in a broader order of relationships with fixed rights and duties: nobles with their feudal lieges, serfs with the land, tradesmen with guilds, and all Christians with the Church. The king was, therefore, the only one who could protect the Jews from an often-hostile populace.

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How You Can Help Jews (and Others) in Ukraine

Updated on March 30

We at JFN have been horrified to watch the Russian invasion of Ukraine and are deeply concerned about the amount of human suffering it is unleashing, as well as its implications for democracy, Europe, and the entire world.

Below you will find information and resources for providing assistance to the people of Ukraine, with a particular focus on its Jewish population, which is one of the world’s largest Jewish communities. Many, particularly the elderly, were already struggling and isolated even before their country was plunged into war. 

We encourage you to support Passover for Ukraine, a JFN partnership with UJA-Federation of New York, which we announced at the JFN 2022 International Conference. UJA-Federation is matching all JFN member donations up to $1.25 million. Learn more here and donate here.

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Update on Donor-Advised Funds in Israel

It's been an exciting year for Keshet-DAF, Israel's first donor-advised fund, which was established by JFN and our partners.

After only one year of being fully operational, Keshet now has 80 individual DAF-holders, is working with four U.S.-based foundations that give in Israel.

In 2021 alone Keshet received NIS 107 million in contributions, which doubled its size to a total of NIS 165 million (about $51.3 million). So far, NIS 31 million (almost $10 million) has been allocated to 263 nonprofit organizations through Keshet.


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Danny Hakim: Sports and Social Change

Episode 27 of What Gives? the Jewish philanthropy podcast from Jewish Funders Network.

In Episode 27 of "What Gives?", Danny Hakim of the Azrieli Foundation talks about the power of sports to solve social problems and bring disparate groups together. The founder of Budo for Peace (now called One Team – Sports for Social Change), Danny recently launched the Sports for Peace Coalition, a growing movement of sports for peace stakeholders in Israel.

Mapping of Sports for Peace Coalition (English)

Mapping of Sports for Peace Coalition (in Hebrew)

Sports for Peace Coalition Info (in English)

More Information (English)



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Funding Urgent Security Needs for Jewish Institutions

In the aftermath of this weekend's horrific attack on Congregation Beth Israel in suburban Dallas, many of our members are asking how they can help protect Jewish institutions and individuals. The attack highlighted the value of proper security measures and training: Beth Israel's Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker has credited the techniques learned in multiple security trainings with helping him and the other hostages survive — and eventually escape — the hours-long standoff with an armed attacker.

At JFN, we generally avoid steering funders to specific charities or nonprofits. However, given the urgency of this issue, we are listing several Jewish organizations and projects that are at the forefront of this work. In yesterday's newsletter, we already mentioned Jewish Federations of North America's Live Secure campaign. Other worthy programs are:

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JFN Mourns the Passing of Aura Herzog

Dear Friends,

JFN mourns the passing of Aura Herzog, mother of Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Herzog, as well as Joel and Ronit Herzog.

Mrs. Herzog, the widow of President Chaim Herzog, was part of the great generation of Israelis that built the country. She immigrated to Israel in 1946 (after growing up in Egypt and studying in South Africa) and, despite being seriously injured in a bombing attack on the Jewish Agency, went on to serve as an intelligence officer in the War of Independence.

Mrs. Herzog’s many accomplishments on behalf of the Jewish state included helping to initiate Israel’s first International Bible contest, heading the Department of Culture in the Ministry of Education and Culture, and founding/leading the Council for a Beautiful Israel, the country’s first environmental protection organization.

Her children are continuing the family tradition of devoting their lives to Israel and the Jewish people. At JFN, we are honored to count the Herzogs as part of our family: Isaac Herzog’s wife Michal is a longtime member of JFN, and we were fortunate to have him speak at our recent Israel Ideas Festival. The family is in our minds and hearts, and we wish them strength in this difficult time.

Baruch dayan emet.


Andrés Spokoiny, JFN President and CEO
Marcia Riklis, JFN Board Chair


(Photo by Haim Zach/Israel Government Press Office)