Challenges of Funding in Israel Post Covid-19: A Member Consultation Roundtable for Funders

Wednesday, August 05, 2020, 1:00pm – 3:00pm EDT

This roundtable will also be offered on August 4 from 1-3 pm ET. RSVP for the date that is most convenient for you. Please note, this roundtable is tailored for funders, not staff. Professionals interested in participating should RSVP for one of the roundtables we are offering on Tuesday, July 21, from 1-3pm ET and Thursday, July 23, from 1-3pm ET.

During the current Covid-19 crisis, many JFN members have contacted us seeking advice on the unique situation you were/are facing vis-à-vis your funding in Israel. Some are uncertain about the future scope of their giving, while others have been seeking knowledge and guidance on needs and opportunities for emergency grants. Many have approached us to think collectively of ways to alleviate the stresses of the Israeli NGOs you support, and to help with possible partnerships and collaborations.

As Israel’s economy gradually reopens, these needs and the questions are not disappearing, but rather crystallizing: Transitioning from emergency grants to ongoing support, building the resilience of the social sector, encouraging mergers and collaborations, and figuring out your role and commitment as a funder are just some of the issues you may be confronting in the upcoming period.

This small virtual meeting is designed to dig deeper into your current philanthropic work in Israel, discuss the challenges you face and offer you some initial tips and tools for action. Our goal is to identify and map the most urgent needs of the philanthropic community at this time and in response over the coming months-we will develop content, tools and guidance that would be most helpful for you to face the changing new reality we are all facing.

Please note, this virtual meeting is different from — but complementary to — the webinars we are offering about the Shaldor Report, which outlines expected social scenarios in Israel through a review of key megatrends and suggests how they will impact diverse aspects of society.

Sigal Yaniv Feller, our Director of Advisory Services and Reut Stoller, Director of Programming, both from the JFN-Israel office, will be facilitating the meeting. 

This virtual meeting is designed for people with experience funding in Israel. If you are new to funding in Israel, we would be delighted for you to attend. Please email [email protected], so we can help you in your journey.


Reut Stoller ·

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