Council on Foundations Public Policy Summit 2018 (Third Party Event)

April 11, 2018 at 8am - April 14, 2018


Philanthropy is a driver of civil society. It fuels the programs and movements that shape our culture across communities. In this role, foundations are uniquely situated with the experience and expertise to lead the way forward on issues that affect people throughout our nation and across the globe. As leaders in philanthropy, it is our civic duty to extend this leadership to provide expert input in the policymaking process.

The Council on Foundations will host its inaugural Public Policy Summit, April 11 – 13, 2018, in Philadelphia—the birthplace of the United States of America—on this very topic. They will welcome current and former elected officials, foundation leaders, and experts in this space, to lead discussions about the role philanthropy plays in affecting the civic and political processes that impact our society, with a special focus on:

  • Tax Policy
  • Civic Engagement and the 2018 Elections
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Federal Budget and Appropriations

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