Devising Strategies to Support Jewish Arts & Culture

Jewish Funders Network, Righteous Persons Foundation, and Partners in Performance

Those of us who keep an eye on such things see glimmers of a new Jewish cultural renaissance taking shape in the twenty-first century. There is an entirely new generation of artists, authors, musicians, performers and designers exploring innovative ways to preserve and reimagine Judaism and Jewish identity, making them relevant for our times.

But as vigorous as that creativity seems to be, we have yet to see a similarly energetic and strategic response from the philanthropic community.

This report asks why. We convened a series of conversations in the fall of 2015 to ask funders from across the country a series of questions:

  • Why does Jewish arts and culture matter?
  • What are key trends influencing arts and culture funding?
  • What are the barriers to increasing suppoort?
  • How can we increase support?


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