Continuing Conversations on Leveraging Educational Technology to Advance Jewish Learning

This blog series on Jewish educational technology (EdTech), co-presented at the JFN Blog and eJewish Philanthropy, is a project of Jewish Funders Network, the Jim Joseph Foundation, and the William Davidson Foundation.

For an in-depth look at opportunities in Jewish Ed Tech and digital engagement, read Smart Money: Recommendations for an Educational Technology and Digital Engagement Investment Strategy. Later this year, watch for the launch of a new website to help advance the field of Jewish educational technology.

Building Jewish Identity Through Engaging Video: A Developer's Perspective

'Since this is media, how can you know that you’re really having an impact? What proof do you have that video can build Jewish identity or literacy?'

Well-designed Jewish media programs that are informed by best practices from secular educational media are as effective as their peers.

Open is a Winning Strategy for Technology Investment

If we want to elevate the field of Jewish educational technology as a whole, we need to make certain that as many paths as possible are open for exploration.

Questions for Funders—Nurturing an Ecosystem to Embrace Technological Advances for Jewish Education

By Jarred Myers & Nicky Newfield

Even though the Jewish Ed Tech market is small, all parts need to work; the full continuum needs to be in place. Without the luxury of a large market, we need to build a sustainable ecosystem, and we need to build smart.

Scale-Up Nation

By Jarred Myers & Nicky Newfield

The world has shifted. Are basic literacy, Jewish culture and Judaic values still adequate to enable Jews to change the world?

EdTech Training: Up, Up and Away

There are many professions that require practitioners to participate in ongoing professional development, and rightfully so. After all, for example, we would not want a patient to be treated by an oncologist using 15 year old technologies. Similarly, we should expect our teachers to approach their students with the latest knowledge of learning theories, best practices, and relevant technologies. Yet, professional development is often under-funded and uninspired in our schools.

Digital Promise: Learning Jewish, Online

A century ago, when my bubbe sat in her fifth grade classroom in a Chicago public school, with 30+ classmates sitting row after row, listening to her teacher lecture, it would have been hard, probably impossible, for her to envision learning today.

The Potential Impact of Educational Technology on Jewish Education: A History of the “Future of Jewish Education”

In 1911, William Inglis, writing for Harper’s Weekly profiled Thomas Edison’s latest invention that he guaranteed would, “make school so attractive that a big army with swords and guns couldn't keep boys and girls out of it.” The technology was Edison’s filmstrips, and the promise was that it would reduce costs and create a more engaging and effective educational experience for students.

Procuring the Proper Software, Hardware and Teacher Training for Successful Educational Technology Integration—A Funder's Perspective

When you care about successful technology integration in your local Jewish school, what is the most effective way to provide support?

Smart Money: Recommendations for an Educational Technology and Digital Engagement Investment Strategy


By Lewis J. Bernstein & Associates, March 2017

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