Amidst the Fog of War, Navigating Philanthropic Support for Israel

From eJewish Philanthropy (October 13, 2023)

Every day, when we think that nothing else could shock us, we discover more and more the depravity of our enemy. The Jewish Funders Network community has been personally affected, from loss of family members, to deaths and injury among members of our teen philanthropy program, to the kidnapping of partners in our work. This tragedy has touched — and continues touching — everybody.

And yet, even as Israel mourns, its resolve and determination grow. The army and civil society are rising up to this unprecedented challenge. None of us has any doubt that Israel will prevail; but the road ahead may be long and arduous. 

The needs on the ground are many, and what Jewish Funders Network members are doing to meet those needs gives me hope. Many of us are asking ourselves how we can help, and JFN is assisting funders and donors across the world, members of JFN or not, with answers. In that spirit, I want to share with the broader community some general principles of disaster relief that apply for this crisis, plus some specific needs that are emerging in real time: