Fill Out Our Survey on Jewish Giving During Covid

Please help us map the Jewish community funder response to Covid-19.

Through this research, we are seeking to understand both what is being funded and how it is being funded, including what changes funders are making as a result of the pandemic. Fill out the survey here.

For this effort to succeed, it is critical that every JFN member fills out this short survey.  Please know that while the survey asks for your name and contact information, when we publish the findings, we will only be releasing information in the aggregate. We promise that your (or your foundation's) particular details will not be made public or shared with other JFN members unless you want them to be.

Please take a moment as soon as possible (but by Tuesday, September 8 at the latest) to help us gather the information that will enable us to identify funding gaps and ensure that all of us can support the community as effectively as possible. 

Fill out the survey here. Please make sure that only one representative of your foundation fills out the survey so that the data we collect is as accurate as possible.

Please note that this survey is designed for funders, not nonprofits. If you represent a nonprofit, please feel free to share this survey with major Jewish funders or foundations that support you.