Handbook for Funder Collaborations


Funder collaborations are effective tools that multiply efforts, and build unique models to achieve common goals in order to maximize impact. The process of collaborating creates opportunities to move beyond the work of a single actor by bridging gaps, and bringing together different players who share the same vision, goals, and strategy.

Israel is a unique hub of landmark case studies successful in creating cross-cultural funder collaborations that not only overcome, but also leverage, the benefits of the different cultures, work processes, languages, and habits. In recent years, Israel has become the home for a disproportionate number of collaborations relative to its size, many of which are cross-cultural with unique characteristics and lessons.

Yet, there is a lack of research on funder collaborations and practical tools to assist funders in engaging partnerships in a skilled and effective way. To fill that gap, JFN researched and compiled information about funder collaborations into a comprehensive review of existing studies, articles, and in-depth interviews with 27 stakeholders in Israel. This research led to the "Handbook for Funder Collaborations" -- tools and resources for strategic co-funding. 

While the Handbook focuses on collaborations based in Israel, most examples include Israeli and American funders working together, and the lessons are relevant to any cross-cultural partnership.

This Handbook aims to help funders navigate the benefits and the challenges along with the pros and cons of starting or joining a pooled funding collaboration. In doing so, it offers tools and tips to structure the collaboration for maximum success and impact.

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