Tools & Opportunities for Funders to Impact Israel’s Environment : A JFN Green Funders Forum 3-Part Series

Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 12:00pm – 2:00pm EDT

Three workshops: Oct. 21 | Nov. 4 | Nov. 18

Each workshop is at 19:00 - 21:00 IST (9 am PST, 12 noon EST)

Please note: The sessions will be in English and are timed so that participants both in Israel and abroad can attend.

With the growing concerns to Israel’s future due to the consequences of climate change and local environmental threats -- exacerbated by a changing world due to Covid-19 -- the Green Funders’ Forum is launching a unique series of workshops and individual consultations for funders interested in expanding their knowledge of and impact on Israel’s environment.

We will address key questions to support impactful giving:

  • What are the main environmental challenges to Israel’s future?
  • How can philanthropy best influence these increasing challenges?
  • Who are the key players?
  • What is the social impact of funding in the environmental field in Israel? 
  • What are the opportunities to influence?
  • What are the lessons and best practices learned from previous and present experiences?

Session 1- Oct. 21: 19:00-21:00 Israel Time: Getting to Know the Issues and Strategies of the Environmental Movement in Israel

Session 2 - Nov. 4: 19:00-21:00 Israel Time: Funding Strategies for Environmental Impact in Israel

Session 3 - Nov. 18: 19:00-21:00 Israel Time: Taking the Next Steps in Environmental Giving

We invite you to join us in this opportunity to take the next step as individuals and as a Forum to make Israel sustainable for us and for future generations!

The series is coordinated by JFN’s Green Funders’ Forum in collaboration with Life & Environment - The Umbrella Organization for the Israeli Environmental Movement.


Exceptions can be made in special cases by emailing Sigal: [email protected]

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