Goodnation: Custom Experience for JFN Members

JFN & Goodnation

JFN members have access to Goodnation, a values-based, impact-driven philanthropic platform and service. This partnership is especially valuable to funders operating independently or in small foundations without a large professional staff.


Jewish fields—such as Jewish day schools, Jewish camps, Jewish arts and culture, fighting antisemitism, Israel education and advocacy, and more—are well-represented by many organizations on the Goodnation platform, and JFN has also worked with Goodnation to customize the experience for our members.Goodnation uses data from leading foundations—including numerous prominent JFN members—to identify and evaluate the top-performing organizations making progress in a wide range of causes and fields. Their online platform, along with the personal service of philanthropy advisers, helps funders move through a holistic philanthropic process: from reflecting on values and causes to research into quality organizations to making the allocation. And the process doesn't stop there; Goodnation helps funders track their overall giving portfolio over time and receive updates from the field.


While JFN never promotes particular organizations over others to our members, we are glad to be able to offer JFN members, as a benefit of membership, Goodnation's rigorous process as one important modality you can use to explore and engage with some of the most effective prospective grantees, as well as formalize a philanthropic process to capture the benefits of many of the best practices used by larger foundations.


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