Young Adults At Risk in Israel

Thousands of young adults in Israel lack a family support network. When young Israeli adults from dysfunctional or struggling families, or those who have been in State boarding schools or foster care, reach the age of 18, they become adults by law and are expected to integrate into society on their own. Without further support, they face steep odds against breaking the cycle of poverty and achieving their potential.


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Greenbooks are topical research reports for funders, published by Jewish Funders Network. Each volume highlights a challenge facing the Jewish community, maps out the history and background, and details a wide range of approaches to solving the problem.

This volume tackles at-risk adults in Israel, offering up-to-date information on the target population, the role of the government, the NGO sector, and opportunities for philanthropic investments to create real change. It explains what approaches are already underway, what is being funded, and where the gaps, challenges, and opportunities lie.

Greenbook, Volume 6: Youth at Risk in Israel was written with generous support from the Mozes-Wolfowitz Foundation.

Author: Itamar Yakir

Editor: Ariel Adiram

Translation (English version): Tami Shamir and Maya Kasir, Legal Transliteration Ltd.

Advisory Committee:

  • Barak Dotan
  • Anna Erez
  • Natan Gelman
  • Dr. Chaim Lahav