Greenbook: A Guide to Intelligent Giving

Jewish Day School Financial Sustainability and AffordabilityHitchadshut Yehudit: Jewish Renewal in Israel
Funding Environmental Stewardship in IsraelFunding Jewish Overnight Camp

Greenbooks: Definitive. Comprehensive. Objective.

In the investment community, research reports known as Blackbooks are extremely well-regarded for their insight, objectivity, and quality. The Jewish Funders Network has now brought the same rigorous lens to the world of philanthropy.

We call them “Greenbooks.”

Think of them as guides for investing intelligently in the Jewish community. They also serve as the basis for Greenbook Salons, a series of JFN-led funder conversations about issues raised in each guide, which take place in various communities across the country and world.

Greenbooks are topical, user-friendly research reports for funders, published by JFN. Each volume highlights a challenge facing the Jewish community, maps out the background and current status, and details a wide range of funding approaches to solving the problem.

Greenbooks are not a solution as much as they are a start, enabling funders to have better informed and more directed conversations, to more quickly assess and then tackle the issues that matter most to them—and to the broader Jewish community.

Greenbooks are dispassionate and thorough, and feature multiple approaches for funders to consider.

Click the links below for more information, to download free digital copies, or to order print copies:

Vol. 1: Jewish Day School Financial Sustainability and Affordability

Vol. 2:  Hitchadshut Yehudit: Jewish Renewal in Israel

Vol. 3:  Funding Environmental Stewardship in Israel

Vol. 4:  Funding Jewish Overnight Camp