The Haredim and the Current Israeli Political Crisis: The JFN/IDI Series

Thursday, October 12, 2023, 12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT

The Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) parties hold an unprecedented amount of power in the current Israeli government and their influence has been felt on everything from the judicial overhaul to the national budget, school curricula and gender relations. Haredi leaders are now pushing for a constitutional-level exemption from military service to be at the top of the Knesset’s legislative agenda for the fall term, while leaders of the opposition and the protest movement are warning of irreparable damage to the IDF. What does the growth of Haredi power mean for Israeli democracy? And what can be done to keep Israel’s social contract intact?

Join our expert speakers for an in-depth conversation about this timely topic.

Dr. Gilad Malach, Director of IDI's Ultra-Orthodox in Israel program 
Eliyahu Berkovits, researcher in IDI's Ultra-Orthodox in Israel program 

Ari Rudolph ·

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