Hurricane Maria & Puerto Rico's Jewish Community

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The Aftermath and Recovery: Disaster Relief Philanthropy Resources for Jewish Teen Foundations

Relief for Puerto Rico more broadly:

How to Help Puerto Rico and Other Islands After Hurricane Maria | Niraj Chokshi, The New York Times 

How you can help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico | Jennifer Hijazi, PBS 

From the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors:

For many locations, particularly Puerto Rico, only government entities currently have real access and on-the-ground capacity. In other places (but not Puerto Rico), the major disaster relief organizations are already at work and are good options for an immediate response. Typically these groups see a surge in funding after crises, and will likely receive donations from many of the fundraising initiatives already underway. Thus RPA suggests that donors wait until the recovery process is further along, and local organizations and community foundations are able to deliver services again.

This is a long-haul process, and funds for effective local organizations will be badly needed after donor fatigue sets in. Strengthening local nonprofits in these locales will be important—in some ways independent of the work they do. Coordination will also be critical, and we are gathering information about groups that will be in a position to be a resource for this important function.

In the meantime, [Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors'] guide Giving Strategically After Disaster contains ideas to consider as you contemplate your post-disaster giving strategy.

Penn Experts Offer Advice Following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma | Michele W. Berger, UPenn

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