Israel Ideas Festival

October 25 – October 26, 2021

Earlier this year, we at JFN conceived of the Israel Ideas Festival as a celebration marking the end of Covid and an opportunity to come together to share ideas for a brighter, post-pandemic future. Sadly, the virus and its many variants are not yet behind us, and Israel’s seven-day quarantine on all visitors arriving from the United States makes it impossible to plan the international in-person event we’d envisioned.

The reimagined Israel Ideas Festival is a hybrid program with live simultaneous events in Tel Aviv (please note: the in-person event in Israel is currently at capacity) and New York, and lots of interactive opportunities online.

On Day 1, we'll explore Israel's relationships with the Arab world and with fellow Jews around the world.

On Day 2, choose from deep-dive programming on seven issues in Israeli philanthropic work: Education, Women At-Risk, Elderly At-Risk, Jewish-Arab Relations, Workforce Development, Arts & Culture, and Impact Investing.

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