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Strategic Philanthropy and Its Discontents

In this essay written in advance of the Strategic Philanthropy: Comparative Perspectives on the Way Forward symposium that took place in March 2015, Paul Brest , Professor of Law, Emeritus, Stanford Law School, "examines different modes of grantmaking, inquiring whether the barriers to t

Nepal: The Jewish World Responds

eJewish Philanthropy has compiled a list of Jewish and Israeli organizations working to support victims of the recent disaster in Nepal.

Donors, Board Members and Real-time Reporting

In this piece for eJewish Philanthropy, Danny Oberman discusses new tools that allow NGOs to offer donors and board members more information in real-time.

The Start-up Nation ventures into Jewish EdTech

In this opinion piece that was published in the Jerusalem Post, David Schwartz argues why Jewish education technology, "can increase learning outcomes and student satisfaction in all areas, including Hebrew language, Bible, Jewish history, Talmud, Jewish philosophy and Israel education.

The changing world of Jewish philanthropy

In this new, complex world, nobody can pretend to have all the answers. As funders, we are stronger when we communicate and we are better when we collaborate.

Back to childhood for a day – or more

Every time I go back to Argentina my mother makes me feel like a child. She reminds me to button up my coat, impervious to the fact that I survive quite well during the other 350 days of the year, many of which I spent in freezing temperatures.

Keeping the World's Food Supply Secure

For millions of people, the food they eat could kill them. But they may not have a choice. Daniel Chamovitz  has made it his mission to change that.

How Funders Can Help Nonprofits Achieve Scale

Nonprofits don’t have discrete ambitions. They want to quickly grow their seed money so they can expand programs that have both a measurable and meaningful impact. It’s one way philanthropists define “scale.”

But it is often a lot easier said than done.

Why Site Visits Matter

The following post is written by Beth Zwick , Senior Program Officer of the Ruderman Family Foundation, and originally appeared on the Council on Foundations website.