JFN Israel Hosts Hitchadshut Yehudit Greenbook Salon

JFN Israel held a Hitchadshut Yehudit Greenbook Salon on June 10 at the home of Raya Strauss Ben-Dror and Shmuel Ben-Dror.  More than 30 funders gathered to learn together and discuss investments in this emerging field.

After a light dinner, guests took part in a “Limud” session, led by Rabbi Mordechai Bar-Or, about the link between Judaism and philanthropy through the prism of Shmittah, the seventh year of the seven-year agricultural cycle described in the Torah.

Guests split into smaller working groups to discuss the main chapters of the Greenbook. They focused on: the scope and impact of giving in the field,  the field’s shift to the growth stage, the role of the state, and effective investing.

Thanks go to our gracious hosts to our partners in the Greenbook series – The AVI CHAI Foundation.