JFN - Peer consultation meeting 2: Challenges of the Israeli funder post Covid-19

Sunday, May 31, 2020, 3:00pm – 5:00pm IDT

In the last couple of months, the Corona crisis presented many challenges to the philanthropic community in Israel and around the world: professional, economic, logistical and emotional. Social reality has changed and so have the ways of philanthropy, identifying needs on the ground and the need to respond quickly and under uncertain circumstances.

The gradual return to economic activity poses the need to address significant questions as they relate to the new reality that the philanthropic sector is facing:

How do I manage my post-Corona funding allocation? What is my role as a funder in dealing with organizations' closures or mergers between NGOs? What channels of cooperation with the government / local authorities do I have as a donor and how do I create collaborations? How to transition from emergency grants to ongoing support? And many other question marks that are raised by these challenging times.

Our goal is to examine together your current philanthropic needs, and to enable a sincere discussion around the challenges while offering you suggestions and tools for action.

The meetings will include likeminded funders with similar giving capacity and experience in strategic philanthropy in order to yield an effective and meaningful dialogue based on shared challenges and common dilemmas.


Reut Stoller ·

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