JFN's Impact Investing Instructor Explains Why Investments Need to Align with Philanthropy

Michael Lustig, the author of JFN's "Guide to Jewish Impact Investing" and the co-instructor of our upcoming Certificate Course in Jewish Impact Investing has published an op-ed in eJewish Philanthropy.

In his piece, Michael (who is a JFN member and regular participant in our monthly Impact Investing Roundtable Series) explains why Jewish foundations and nonprofits must align their investments with their philanthropic goals.

Foundations and nonprofits have long assumed that unconstrained investing leads to higher returns, which then allows for more grantmaking, Michael writes. But, he notes, "this assumption is not always accurate, and it comes at the expense of potentially schizophrenic inconsistency, such as when a public health-minded foundation invests in Big Tobacco or an environmental funder owns shares in the very oil companies its grantees are fighting."

Read the full piece here. And learn more about how to align your investments with your philanthropic goals by registering for our online Certificate Course in Jewish Impact Investing, which begins in January and which we are offering in partnership with NYU. 

You also won't want to miss our next impact investing roundtable, which is on Tuesday, December 7, and will feature Vanessa Kacherginsky of the Israel Forum for Impact Economy.

You can find even more JFN impact investing resources here.

Read "Jewish Foundations and Nonprofits: Align Your Investments with your Philanthropic Goals" in eJewish Philanthropy.