Keeping the Greenbook Conversations Going

JFN has been talking a lot about ourĀ GreenbookĀ series this year, and for good reason. Funders have found them to be invaluable guides for how to invest intelligently in the Jewish community and ensure their contributions are both meaningful and impactful.

The first Greenbook was devoted toĀ Jewish day school financial sustainability and affordability, a topic of intense interest in the Jewish philanthropic community. Even though Greenbooks are comprehensive yet concise, they are not intended to be one-off projects. Rather, they are meant to serve as conversation starters, so funders are in a better position to take on issues that matter both to them and the Jewish community at large.

When we talk about conversations we mean that literally. JFN began a series of Greenbook Salons, in the U.S. and Israel, which are funder-led talks about issues raised in Greenbooks. Please look for announcements about future Salons for this Greenbook as well as for our second guide, devoted toĀ Hitchadshut Yehudit, or Jewish Renewal in Israel.

JFN also recently completed a three-part webinar series on the day-school Greenbook, which can be viewed below. Daniel Held, the guideā€™s author, does a deeper dive on issues raised in various chapters of the Greenbook. We hope you find them to be thought-provokingā€”and the start of a conversation.