Rabbi Leon Morris: Creating Communities of Meaning Through Submission

Episode 43 of What Gives? the Jewish philanthropy podcast from Jewish Funders Network. 

Rabbi Leon Morris, President of the Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies, talks to JFN President and CEO Andres Spokoiny about his essay in Sources, "In Defense of Surrender in Liberal Jewish Life." Morris argues that a Jewish response to individual agency having eclipsed every other important value is necessary, and can be done through a sense of surrender (of our defenses, our time, and our notion of isolated individualism) to community, rather than submission to authority. Leon talks about what he finds excited about pluralistic spaces, how thoroughly modern Jews are having trouble finding places for Jewishness in their lives, the enormous relevance that traditional texts still have for our modern time, and what gives him hope for the Jewish future.

Works referenced in this episode:

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