Maya Savir
Interim Director, Center for Family Philanthropy

[email protected]

Maya will be serving as director of JFN Israel’s Center for Family Philanthropy during Maya Golan’s maternity leave.
Previously Maya was the Director of JustSpirulina, a Tel Aviv-based NGO working to treat and prevent malnutrition in disadvantaged communities, primarily in Africa. Working with schools, academia, industries, international institutions, and government bodies, JustSpirulina introduces knowledge and technological tools with which communities can provide their own nourishment.

Prior to JustSpirulina, Maya served as an editor in academia and in publishing houses. She also served as a psychological and skills expert evaluating employee and scholarship candidates.

Maya is a published author who writes fiction and narrative nonfiction. She holds degrees in psychology and philosophy from Tel Aviv University. Maya is married with four children and lives in Tel Aviv.