New matching grants to empower women: why and how?

A strong society needs gender equality.

Empowering girls and women moves mountains. World leaders, field experts, and scholars alike agree that it’s the key to unlocking economic growth, political stability, and social transformation.

The Jewish community needs to step up and lead on this issue, not only to help make the broader world fairer and stronger but also to fix our own sexist failings. Jewish women and girls still face structural barriers and cultural prejudices that keep modern Jewish communities from benefiting as much as we might from the power and potential of women to make Jewish life and culture stronger and more vibrant than ever before.

That’s why the Genesis Prize Foundation is partnering with us at Jewish Funders Network to create the Genesis Prize Women’s Empowerment Challenge, a matching grant initiative to empower women in the North American Jewish community and spur new and energized commitment among funders to gender equality. (Click here to see the press release.)

How will the Women’s Empowerment Challenge push for gender equality?

Like all JFN matching grant initiatives, the Challenge will accept applications, each submitted jointly by an organization and a donor for a project that will advance the initiative’s goals—in this case, promoting gender equality in North American Jewish communities. Successful applications will have the donor’s gift to the organization matched dollar-for-dollar from the pool of funding supplied by the Genesis Prize Foundation and GPF partner Morris Kahn. Donations are only eligible if they come from a donor new to the field of gender equality, or represent a gift higher (by $25,000+) than the donor has given to this field in the past. This ensures that the initiative will truly grow the base of support for this cause. (Click here to learn more about the requirements and process for organizations and donors to apply.)

The projects on which we’re focusing our resources for this initiative will:

  • Prevent gender-based discrimination, harassment, and assault
  • Provide gender-inclusive educational and training programs
  • Conduct research on economic issues challenging women working in the Jewish community
  • Provide encouragement and opportunities for Jewish girls and women to become interested — and remain engaged — in STEM education and careers

Get involved

Are you a funder who might want to have a gift matched? Are you an organization who wants a gift to be matched? Visit the initiative website to learn about eligibility, the application process, and more.

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