New Report on Israel's Post-Covid Social Landscape

In the aftermath of the corona crisis, what forces and trends are shaping the new social landscape in Israel? Which global processes has the crisis accelerated, and how might these affect the social fields in Israel where philanthropy plays a role? What are the long-term changes we can expect?

These large and ongoing questions continue to accompany day-to-day philanthropic work and influence our ability to make decisions about both the ‚Äúhere and now‚ÄĚ and the long-term.

During this time, we at JFN are working to provide and to make accessible to members of the network, knowledge and tools to help safely navigate your philanthropic activities in the face of new and emerging realities.

Over the past few weeks, JFN Israel has been working with some of the foundation members of the network, together with Shaldor Strategy Consulting, to create a report that sheds light on the social field in Israel after and in light of the coronavirus crisis. We hope that this thoughtful mapping exercise will serve the philanthropic community as an effective tool for examining existing activities and planning for future giving.

By surveying key megatrends, the report outlines likely social scenarios in Israel and suggests how these may influence diverse aspects of society, both with relation to social activities and financial resources.

In the coming weeks, we will be offering online programming for JFN members to discuss the issues addressed in this report. We hope it will serve as an entry point for practical discussions  on how funders can best adapt to the new evolving reality. In these discussions, we will drill down in more detail into the various social macro areas outlined in the report and will share assessments and ideas on new ways of thinking and action. Stay tuned for details.

Please note, this report does not aim to be comprehensive. Rather, it is intended to offer possible organizing frameworks and ideas, and to stimulate thought and reflection both within our respective organizations and in discussions between us. It draws on a broad range of writing and analysis on the various topics, on local and international professional sources of information and on previous research on philanthropic activities in Israel conducted by Shaldor.

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