Rest and Rejuvenation: The Importance of Sabbaticals in the Jewish Nonprofit Sector

Thursday, May 19, 2022, 12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT

Join GrantED to learn more about the importance of sabbaticals in the Jewish nonprofit sector, and how grantmakers and grantseekers can work together to build in opportunities for rest and rejuvenation that will strengthen communal leaders and our sector. This webinar will be moderated by the team from R&R: Rest of Our Lives, Josh Feldman, and Rachel Zieleniec. Featured speakers will include Claire Peeps of The Durfee Foundation, a leader in sabbatical support, and Sabbatical Award recipient: Stephanie Klasky-Gamer of LA Family Housing.


Claire Peeps
Executive Director, The Durfee Foundation

Stephanie Klasky-Gamer
President and CEO, LA Family Housing

Rachel Zieleniec
Program Director, Rest of Our Lives


Josh Feldman
Founder, R&R: The Rest of Our Lives


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