JFN Israel

Peer networks are proven platforms that allow funders to join hands regarding an issue they care about and pave the way for mutual learning and shared work methods, as a basis for operative collaboration within specific social fields. In doing so, funders commit towards maximizing the philanthropic impact of every network member, for the benefit of society.

JFN Israel and its network of Israeli funders serve as a large peer network in their own right, tackling social issues within Israeli society by harnessing the strength of philanthropic connections and collaborations.

Here are a few examples of JFN Israel's peer networks that make a difference:

  • "Committed to Give": A network of twenty Israeli philanthropists that set the goal of changing the culture of giving in Israel and encouraging Israel's affluent population to actively impact the society in which they live. The group was born from the collaboration of JFN Israel and The Sheatufim Center.
  • The Next Generation: A network of young funders that represents the future generation of Israel's affluent sector, who meet several times a year within professionally guided meetings, to discuss their integration within the philanthropic world.
  • Jewish Renewal: A new network that was established as a result of the "Pseifas" Matching Grant Program supported by the AVI CHAI Foundation, which deals with the connection between philanthropy and Jewish identity in Israel.
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