Philanthropy 101

You may have heard funders and philanthropists talk about the joy of charitable giving. To be sure, there are few acts from which you can acquire greater satisfaction and effect meaningful change based on your values and belief systems.

But there’s a catch.

The philanthropic journey can be arduous, filled with unexpected detours, twists, and hazards. But it’s a trip eminently worth taking.

The potential rewards are immense as the need for impactful giving grows ever larger. Not only are you in a position to make a difference, but you can define exactly what that difference looks like.

At its annual international conference, JFN has seen an increasing number of attendees who are relatively new to philanthropy. Among the myriad panels at the 2014 conference was one simply titled “Philanthropy 101.”  It succinctly covered some of the basic elements of the field, and judging by the questions during the session and afterwards, it became clear there was a strong desire to know more about the core concepts of successful philanthropy, particularly when it is informed by Jewish values.

You will find articles that provide an overview of how to make your philanthropy more effective and impactful. There are also links to more comprehensive resources. No doubt, there is a lot to learn. But take your time. Don’t be overwhelmed. That’s what makes a life of giving so exciting. You determine what works for you, be it where, when, what and how to give.

Your philanthropic journey awaits. Now all you have to do is go.

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September 2014