Providing Lifesaving Equipment for Syrian Refugees

During the coronavirus pandemic, the plight of Syrians has all but disappeared from the headlines. Yet, their suffering and hardship has increased manifold. Refugees who live in crowded camps, with inadequate medical facilities, no ability to socially distance, no protective equipment, are in danger of dying in droves.

As hard as this pandemic is on wealthy countries, displaced Syrians, living in precarious circumstances, have a much greater challenge and no functioning state to care for them. More than half the Syrian population has been displaced by the ongoing civil war.

The Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, of which JFN is a founding partner organization, has created an emergency COVID-19 fund to provide protective personal equipment (PPE) to as many Syrian refugees it can reach. The objective, simply put, is to save lives and lessen suffering in the biggest humanitarian tragedy of our time.

MFA is hoping to raise $250,000 to provide the following life-saving equipment: PPE for Syrians in refugee and IDP camps; extensive testing for COVID19; and hygiene kits, including hand sanitizer and soap. MFA has an extensive network of contacts on the ground and can ensure that the supplies reach those that need it most.

Launched as a program initiative of the JDC, the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees (MFA) engages 101 participating organizations, including synagogues, churches and mosques, faith-based groups of different religions, as well as secular national and community organizations.
As part of its mission, MFA has delivered more than $150 million in humanitarian aid to Syrian war victims including medicines, medical supplies and equipment, food, clothing and other critical supplies.

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You can make a donation directly to Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees; in addition, JFN can act as a fiscal sponsor and transfer funds to the MFA.


Photo courtesy of the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees.