An Important New Resource for Israel Funders

I am pleased to share a groundbreaking report produced by two JFN members — the Russell Berrie Foundation and the JDC — which addresses an issue of importance to many of us: economic development in Israel’s geographic periphery.

“Application Model for Regional Economic Development” explores why, despite more than a decade of major investments of money, planning, and targeted initiatives by the Israeli government, academia, and philanthropy, substantial and sustained change has been so slow to come to Israel’s northern region.

The report is available in both English and Hebrew.


Download in English


Download in Hebrew


At the core of JFN’s ethos is the belief that when funders share their intelligence and knowledge with their peers we all benefit, which is why we encourage you to not only read this report but to share it with your network and to let us know if you have any feedback.

Based on the work of a think tank composed of senior figures from the national government, local government, academia, the business sector, philanthropy, and others, “Application Model for Regional Economic Development” offers findings and insights important to all manner of stakeholders engaged in the development of Israel’s north: investors, researchers, local and national decision-makers and change agents, the private sector, local practitioners and, of course, the philanthropic community. It also offers important lessons for funding economic development in other regions of Israel and all over the world.

I hope you find this report informative and useful.