The Challenges and Opportunities of Remote and Hybrid Learning in Israel’s Arab Society, As a Tool to Reduce Social Gaps

Tuesday, April 06, 2021, 7:00pm – 8:15pm +03
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District

A few months ago, private funders and philanthropic foundations collaborated in order to examine what could be learned from the Covid-19 pandemic with regard to the educational gaps in Arab society and what possibilities were available to philanthropy for reducing these gaps. Through the Deloitte consulting company, a research study was conducted, and the interesting findings of the mapping will be revealed for the first time in this special meeting for donors and foundations' professionals.

The foundations that initiated the mapping will discuss the activity that preceded it during the course of the past year and why they required such a research study in order to plan their future steps in an effective and strategic manner.  We will discuss the motivations and needs that led to the mapping, the potential partners with whom we can promote collaborations, and what steps can be taken to enable a significant educational – pedagogical quantum leap in Israel’s Arab society. We will hear about the mapping process and its findings at length from Idan Yurman, a partner and head of the public sector at Deloitte. The last part of the session will be dedicated to Q&A and to a funders' conversation with those who wish to learn about and delve into this subject.

* The project, which was conducted with the assistance of Deloitte, included a comprehensive study based on a range of information sources from Israel and abroad, identifying best practices, extensive engagement of the public, including more than 30 interviews, three roundtables with the participation of education personnel, parents and learning experts, as well as a digital questionnaire with more than 750 respondents from all segments of Arab society.

The mapping was led and supported by Mubdarat - the philanthropic office of Adina Shapiro, Ibrahim Nassasra, the Crown Foundation, the Dan David Foundation and additional foundations.


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