Reut Stoller
Head of Strategy, JFN Israel

[email protected]

Reut joined JFN Israel as Director of Programs with over a decade of experience as a social activist mobilizing impactful social initiatives. As part of the National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS), Reut was Strategic Coordinator of the Social Justice Movement in 2011, working with government offices, local authorities, and the media to lead Israel’s largest social protest in history. Reut went on to graduate, with distinction, from IDC Herzliya (Reichman University) School of Communications, majoring in docu-activism.

Following the Rabin Leadership Program, Reut attended George Washington University (GWU) in Washington DC, studying in the Media and Diplomacy Program. Reut continues to serve as a Diplomacy and Strategy Mentor at the Lauder School of Government at Reichman University.

Prior to joining JFN, Reut served as Director of Communications and Governance at 2B Community Impact Investing while working as Vice President of Marketing for Resisim a nonprofit promoting aid to populations affected by battlefield experiences and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

At JFN Israel, Reut oversees programs, conferences, and strategic initiatives. Through her leadership, she has deepened the engagement of JFN members around the world in content development and programs for the Israeli philanthropic ecosystem.