Scenario Planning for a Post-Pandemic Future

Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 1:30pm – 2:30pm EDT

NOTE: This webinar is also being offered on June 16.

The Covid-19 pandemic is producing major upheaval, and we don’t yet know where all the chips are going to fall. We do know, however, that the world will be transformed, and the Jewish community will confront momentous changes. That’s why we recently embarked on a scenarios design process that imagines how the United States and the world will look in the next two years. We can’t predict, but we can imagine alternative futures that will affect the Jewish community in different ways — which we can then use to help prepare.

Using scenarios, organizations can make sense of their context and identify trends and factors that might affect them in the future. That allows them to “wind-tunnel” their strategies by asking themselves how they’ll fare in each of the alternative futures they may face. What threats and opportunities may present themselves in each scenario? What do we need to do today to prepare? How do we survive, thrive, and be resilient, knowing that the future is uncertain?

In this webinar, we will be sharing information about scenario planning and providing a mini-training in how to facilitate something similar within your own organization. We also encourage you to consult our materials (including a video summarizing the process) here.



Andrés Spokoiny, President & CEO of JFN

Deena K. Fuchs, Executive Vice President of JFN



Tamar Frydman ·

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