Shira Ruderman: What does it take to create a legacy? (Funder Stories)

Shira Ruderman explains why we shouldn't confuse money with legacy, and why legacy should matter to all funders.

#3 in a series of Funder Stories videos produced in partnership with ELI Talks. JFN members recorded these personal stories about what giving means in their lives at the JFN 2019 International Conference.


What do you think Jewish philanthropy can teach the rest of the world today?

From my experience we can teach of best practice, risk taking, multi generational challenges, legacy, Impact, Partnership, social activism, Failures and much more.

One thing you wish non-funders would know about the work you do:

It's a real professional job that requires many skills.

Your foundation:

The Ruderman Family Foundation

How long has the foundation existed?

18 years

The foundation's mission:

The Ruderman Family Foundation believes that inclusion and understanding of all people is essential to a fair and flourishing community. Guided by our Jewish values, we advocate for and advance the inclusion of people with disabilities throughout our society; strengthen the relationship between Israel and the American Jewish Community; and model the practice of strategic philanthropy worldwide. We operate as a non-partisan strategic catalyst in cooperation with government, private sectors, civil society, and philanthropies.

Communities that the foundation serves:

Local, U.S.A, Israel, and international advocacy.

Main issues you fund:

  1. Inclusion of people with disabilities (all disabilities, all aspects of life)
  2. Strengthening the relationship between Israel and American Jewry
  3. Strategic philanthropy