Shula Mozes: Giving is easy; talking about giving is hard. (Funder Stories)

Welcome to the first in a series of Funder Stories videos produced in partnership with ELI Talks. JFN members recorded these personal stories about what giving means in their lives at the JFN 2019 International Conference.

Shula Mozes explains why giving is easy, why talking about giving is more uncomfortable, and why we have to talk about it anyway.


What do you think Jewish philanthropy can teach the rest of the world today?

"Arvut hadadit"—mutual responsibility.

One thing you wish non-funders would know about the work you do:

I deeply care about the society I'm living in, and do my best to promote humanistic and democratic values of love of the other, equality of opportunities, freedom of thought and belief, and more.

Your foundation:

The Mozes-Wolfowitz Foundation (Hod Hasharon, Israel)

How long has the foundation existed?

More than 40 years

The foundation's mission:

To do good and help those who help themselves

Communities that the foundation serves:

Young adults without family support, future teachers, youth movements

Main issues you fund:

Education, Jewish pluralism, social change agents