SNAP Challenge Day 2: Hot Water, Hold the Berries


Yesterday when I decided I was joining my husband in support of this challenge I did not realize how hard this would be.

I crave vegetables and fruits and even though we are trying to keep this challenge with a balanced diet , it requires that you drink tons of water. We forgot to buy tea though I have a huge selection in my kitchen, James is adamant to keep to the rules of the challenge and eat only what is in the budget and what we have purchased. I don’ t mind drinking hot water but I miss berries in the morning so we added half a banana to this breakfast meal.

We had one already in the fridge and deducted it from the budget ( a merchant with a food cart outside our home is selling 4 bananas for $1) now we have about $ 15 for 2 days and 1/2 when we go to Los Angeles and conclude the challenge. It is good we combined our budget: for lunch we have a choice of lentils, pasta, quinoa, rice , sardines and tuna and I forgot eggs, but since I cannot eat more than 2 eggs  per week, I do not even count them in my diet. So far so good oatmeal plus banana and some dried raisins in almond milk and hot water.