Statement Against White Supremacy & Hate

Jewish Funders Network views the recent demonstration of Nazis and other white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va., and the acts of terrorism that accompanied it, with outrage, sadness, and contempt. To say that we condemn white supremacy is virtually redundant; to exist as Jews, and to exist as true philanthropists, is to be a living contradiction to Nazism, white supremacy, and all forms of hatred.

The hateful slogans that rallied 500-some bullies targeted Jews, among many communities, for their ire. We are proud to stand in solidarity with all these communities under threat: people of color, immigrants, Muslims, LGBT people, and countless others who are subject to hate from the resurgent far-right.

We are also proud to stand with all decent people whom fascistic groups have not (yet) chosen to single out, emphasizing that our ultimate goals and visions are not defined or limited by the hate-fetishes of extremists; Nazis no more define our agenda than they deter us from it. We restate our commitment—which long predates the empty slogans shouted by fearful men on Saturday—to continue using philanthropy and Jewish values to strive for a world in which all people, all nations, all tribes, all communities, and all individuals have the opportunity and responsibility to exercise freedom, justice, equality, and purpose.