New Matching Grant: STEM in Israel


Enhancing the Israeli STEM Pipeline is a new JFN matching grant initiative from The Ben & Esther Rosenbloom Foundation. The $1 million initiative will strengthen formal and informal STEM education in Israel for grades K-12 and generate a greater ongoing philanthropic commitment to the field.


A strong Israel needs a strong economy

The economy is changing, and all careers now require candidates to possess collaborative, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills—the kinds of competencies that the STEM disciplines are especially good at teaching. A strong STEM education can help students become resilient critical thinkers and thrive in a technologically-driven world.

Stakeholders across sectors must work together at a deeper level to provide students with high-quality learning, allowing them to apply concepts from the classroom to hands-on, real-world opportunities, and to develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Israeli organizations and programs focused on STEM literacy and excellence will be critical to bridging the gap between the current skills of students and the future needs of the workforce.

Get involved

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About JFN Matching Grant Initiatives

Unlike other matching grants, which leverage the donor's funds to spur donations to a particular organization, JFN matching grant initiatives boost philanthropic investment in an entire field or issue area. JFN Matching Grant Initiatives leverage the sponsor's funds to encourage new donors to make their first ever (or significantly increased) grants to a specific field by offering matching funds directly to the organization that the new donors’ funding will support. Because new donors choose the specific organization within broad funding parameters, donors who participate understand that the matching funds are indisputably new money, entirely contingent upon the gifts they decide to make. At the same time by requiring that eligible donors be making their first ever (or significantly increased) gifts, the initiatives offer the sponsoring foundation the security that their gifts are genuinely generating new funds from the individual donors.  Sponsoring a matching grant initiative is a benefit of JFN membership.

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