Greenbook: Young Adults At Risk in Israel

Greenbook Volume 6 provides a snapshot of the emerging field of young adults at risk in Israel.

Thousands of young adults in Israel lack a family support network. When young Israeli adults from dysfunctional or struggling families, or those who have been in State boarding schools or foster care, reach the age of 18, they become adults by law and are expected to integrate into society on their own. Without further support, they face steep odds against breaking the cycle of poverty and achieving their potential.

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JFN Releases Guide to Funding the Arts for Social Change in Israel

Latest volume of Jewish Funders Network’s “Greenbook” series makes the case for art as an engine for social change, maps the existing landscape, and highlights opportunities for philanthropic action

TEL AVIV—Why invest in art, and why now? A new Greenbook from Jewish Funders Network says the arts represent a powerful opportunity to foster change in Israeli society.

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As Camps Prepare for 2016 Season, New Greenbook Gives Jewish Funders the Big Picture on Jewish Camp

Latest volume of Jewish Funders Network’s “Greenbook” series will help funders collaborate and understand best practices, across diverse regions and types of camp


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Greenbook: Funding Jewish Overnight Camp

Greenbook Volume 4 aims to inform the vital conversation about the role of Jewish overnight camps in fostering Jewish identity and commitment.

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Greenbook: Funding Environmental Stewardship in Israel

Investing in the environment is no longer about nature conservation alone, but more broadly about investing in social justice, equality, education, and societal-environmental health.

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Keeping the Greenbook Conversations Going

JFN Israel Hosts Hitchadshut Yehudit Greenbook Salon

JFN Israel held a Hitchadshut Yehudit Greenbook Salon on June 10 at the home of Raya Strauss Ben-Dror and Shmuel Ben-Dror.  More than 30 funders gathered to learn together and discuss investments in this emerging field.

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Press Release: JFN Releases Greenbook on Hitchadshut Yehudit (Jewish Renewal) in Israel

NEW YORK, March 17, 2014—Jewish Funders Network has released the latest edition of its Greenbooks, a series of guides written for funders to maximize the impact of their giving. The second volume is devoted to Hitchadshut Yehudit, (Jewish Renewal) in Israel.

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Greenbook; Hitchadshut Yehudit, Jewish Renewal in Israel

Hitchadshut Yehudit (Jewish Renewal) refers to programs that offer Jewish Israelis opportunities for learning, cultural expression, identity exploration, spirituality and prayer, and social action. All are explicitly based on Jewish values, texts and traditions, and infused with pluralism and autonomy.  

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Greenbook: Jewish Day School Financial Sustainability and Affordability

The first Greenbook is “Jewish Day School Financial Sustainability and Affordability: A Guide for Funders,” by Daniel M. Held, a doctoral student at the Jewish Theological Seminary. It was reviewed by an advisory group of active day school funders.

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